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Buy Cheap Bass Guitar UPDATED

The brands we'd suggest you look at most closely is Sterling by Music Man, Yamaha and Squier - all for different reasons. For sheer value for money, Sterling is doing wonders in the 'cheap bass' space, and showing budding players that they can get powerful, dynamic bass tones from a bass which is exceptionally comfortable to play and doesn't cost a fortune.

buy cheap bass guitar

Yamaha basses might not be the most inspiring instruments in the world, but what they lack in personality, they make up for in build quality and tonal capability. There are few companies which make budget gear quite like Yamaha, and if you want something which is durable, well-made and capable of withstanding schoolyard knocks, boisterous practice sessions and gruelling gigging schedules, then Yamaha makes the bass you should buy.

If you've got a soft spot for the classics but don't want to spend big money, then Squier is going to be your new best friend. Every single Squier bass guitar is affordable enough to fit within our 'cheap' price bracket, and due to its relationship with Fender, it can recreate any of Fender's most popular bass guitars faithfully and accurately - all while keeping costs to a minimum. \n

Buying one of the best cheap bass guitars is an exciting step in every bassists playing career. More often than not, cheap bass guitars are intended to be picked up by beginner bassists - offering an affordable, playable starting point for budding players. Any of the best cheap bass guitars can also act as a great backup bass, or a cheaper option for those gigs where you'd rather not take the expensive stuff. All you really need to know is, whether you're going back to school and starting lessons, going out gigging or just jamming with friends, there's a lot that can be achieved with a cheap bass guitar.

In the not too distant past, cheap instruments have been ones to avoid. The occasions in which curiosity got the best of us, found us playing bass guitars which were built poorly, played badly and sounded even worse. You'll be pleased to know that those days are well and truly behind us now, with huge amounts of killer bass guitars out there to be enjoyed by all types of players. There are many hundreds of great options which cover all angles, including sound, aesthetics and playability.

Obviously, there are still a few 'questionable' cheap bass guitars out there which can muddy the waters a little, and make finding the right cheap bass guitar a tough task. That's why we're here, and why we've put together a guide to the best cheap bass guitars out there right now. Let us help you cut through the noise and show you a selection of what we think are the best bass guitars around right now that you can get on a budget.

If we had to narrow it down and pick the best cheap bass guitar currently on offer, then a strong contender would be the Sterling By Music Man SUB Ray5 (opens in new tab). This style of bass has been the go-to instrument for legends including Flea, Cliff Williams, Joe Dart and loads more.

Sterling By Music Man cannily offer both four- and five-string variants of this classic bass at wallet-friendly prices. We reviewed the five in 2017, discovering that the thunderous bottom end of the Music Man remains. And, though some may bemoan the lack of a midrange EQ, the SUB Ray5 remains as versatile as its more expensive siblings.

Max out the volume and tone controls, select both pickups, and thundering classic rock tones of greats like Jack Bruce and John Entwistle are easily dialed in. The full-length 864mm scale compared to the shorter scale original give this bass a clear defined voice and playability to suit modern players.

A good quality budget bass will also be built to a good standard; it wants to be sturdy enough to last you for years to come and be able to withstand being taken out to gigs on a regular basis. All the choices on our list are made by well-respected, reliable brands such as Sterling (sister company to Music Man), Squier (Fender), Epiphone (Gibson), Ibanez and more.

If you've got a soft spot for the classics but don't want to spend big money, then Squier is going to be your new best friend. Every single Squier bass guitar is affordable enough to fit within our 'cheap' price bracket, and due to its relationship with Fender, it can recreate any of Fender's most popular bass guitars faithfully and accurately - all while keeping costs to a minimum.

Learning bass guitars do make you stand out from the crowd. The lead guitar usually expresses the face and sound of the band with an exaggerated feel, but behind it is a bass guitar that brings vitality to the same band. The bass player usually calmly performs his own performance, making the entire band's energetic heartbeat continue to beat.Playing a electric bass guitar is easy to learn, but it's hard to master, it all depends on where you want to match. Bass guitars are very easy to get started, most people can master the basics and start playing right away, but learning best bass guitars can also be very advanced, because it is an easy-to-use instrument that can be almost as infinite as possible. The right quality of the correct tuning and playing bass guitar and the richness of the rich tones are truly fascinating. Being a bass guitar player and being able to create such a sound yourself is still a much more exciting.

The bass guitar is an electric instrument that performs in both lead and backing roles. They are commonly used across a huge variety of musical genres and are attractive for their versatility, sound, and design. Manufacturers such as Fender and Ibanez offer a variety of both modern and vintage bass guitars, and each has multiple models with their own characteristics.

Regardless of the model or series, a bass typically has four strings. They are tuned the same way as the first four strings on a regular guitar: E, A, D, and G. Some musical genres have alternative tunings, though. For example, metal often uses "drop D" tuning, where the E on the lowest string is tuned down a step to D. Most alternative tunings involve tuning down. Some basses have a fifth string. Usually this is added to the low end, where it becomes a B in standard tuning. In rare cases. it will be added to the high end, where it is known as a tenor fifth string and becomes a C. In even rarer cases, a bass can have six strings, using both the low B and the high C. The neck of the bass can be comprised of woods that range from maple to rosewood.

Bass guitars require a bass amp. It is possible to play a guitar through a bass amp, but you cannot play a bass through a guitar amp without damaging the amp. Amplifying low-frequency sounds is more challenging and requires both different equipment and more space compared to an ordinary guitar's amplification needs. Like guitar amps, bass amps can be combined or separated into the head and the speaker.

While the electric guitar is mostly played with a pick, the bass or jazz bass can be played with either a pick or your fingers. Because of the sensitivity of the pickup on the bass, the two tend to produce somewhat different tones. For example, finger style play can create additional sound from the impact of the strings against the frets, while playing with a pick offers a sharper, more staccato sound. Neither style is better than the other, and there are many famous examples of players using each one. Sometimes, there are conventions of play for a particular genre, but more often it comes down to how a bassist originally learned to play.

Key Specs and Features: With the comfortable contoured body shape it provides great stability when playing standing or sitting. The body is made out of poplar with a nice vintage gloss finish, while the bolt-on neck is made out of maple with a beautiful Indian laurel fretboard that is something to be desired. It has 20 narrow-tall frets and a long-scale length. The nut is made from a bone that is a nice interesting touch as it really transfers the vibrations through the bass. The standard split-coil passive pickup you would expect on a P-bass, Fender yet again found a way to produce that legendary fat punchy tone. Fender specially designed the Alnico pickups for this bass, and it proved to be a really nice feature. The 4-Saddle vintage-style bridge with threaded steel saddles points out the P-bass look even more. All of the other hardware is in the style of the P-bass, bridge, and neck control knobs with the master volume knob.

Target Customer: For players who are lovers of that classic P-bass look and sound, who like players like James Jamerson to Pino Paladino, this is a great buy at an affordable price. Intermediate players who like to play around with different styles of music are going to love this bass.

Target Customer: Yamaha sure does know how to produce quality instruments in the more affordable price range as the Yamaha TRBX305 MGR is an instrument for bass players on an intermediate semi-professional type level, also studio musicians can find it handy doing sessions.

My Review: Ibanez introduced the Soundgear or SR series in 1987. The idea was to build a smooth playable instrument that musicians can put their trust into. This Ibanez bass came as surprise to me considering they decided to put an active set of electronics, unlike most other brands, with the strange pickup set up this bass stands out from the rest in its price range. It is an entry-level bass but still, it provides a wide range of tone shaping, it has a nice warm sound with a good low-end response. For the price range of course there are going to be limitations on what you can do, but still, it fairs quite well in different genres of music. Ibanez tried to make a bass with a little bit of everything which I think is a good thing as that is something quintessential for beginner bass players. You can play around and experiment with the sound. 041b061a72


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