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Mason Roberts

SCANIA T MOD V21.4.24 1.40 \/\/FREE\\\\

Description:Standalone mod.It can also be combined with; PW Engines Classic Sounds Pack V.1.XX for ETS2 1.40.XX.14 different engines; 440, 460, 500, 540, 600, 640, 700, 760, 780, 800, 860, 900, 920 and 940 Cv.14 gearboxes.The gearboxes incorporate 6, 12, 15, 16 and 18-speed models.Some models include multiple reverse gear positions and multiple retarder positions as well.You just have to read the description of the mod, or read in the store before buying.4 different types of sound for engines:V8, V8 Open Pipe, V8 Crakle and V8 Volvo.Look in the store for the motor of your choice to get the sound you want.

SCANIA T MOD V21.4.24 1.40

Upgrade v1.1 for 1.40.Hi everyone, here is a new mod, I created a double bull bar in the roof and painted the Viking, added several slots and looked at the frame, lowered it and placed the horns to the side. Hope you like it.Version 1.40

Hello everyone, I leave you the update 1.40 of the Scania s tuning mod, in addition to having fixed the defects of the first version, I have added several things that you can see in the video, such as illuminated badge, neon in the mask and upper bar with slot, I hope you like it in the next video.version: 1.40works on SCS and Eugene. 041b061a72


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