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Noticing that Tara is saving money, her father starts charging her for various household contributions, and on the day her ACT scores arrive, he abruptly tells her to move out. At first her mother agrees, but she relents when Tara emphasizes that she is only sixteen. Shawn goes back to work, and defends Tara when her father demands she work on a dangerous machine known as the Shear. The confrontation between father and son shows that Shawn is getting increasingly fed up with his father, but in the end, both Shawn and Tara end up working together on the dangerous machine.

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Three weeks later, Tara receives notice that her second ACT test has earned a score high enough to make her a competitive applicant to Brigham Young University. She immediately gets a new job working at a grocery store, and submits her college application with Tyler's help. She is quickly accepted, and is scheduled to start college studies in January. She will be only seventeen. Tara and her mother try to find an apartment, but Tara is too overwhelmed to do much else in preparation for her education.

Tara realizes that she seriously underestimated the expenses of attending college, and wonders how she will be able to continue to afford it. Her academic performance is nowhere strong enough to win a scholarship, and she struggles in particular with her Western Civilization course. As Tara wrestles with frustration about her strange and unique childhood, she reflects on a memory of an injured wild owl that she and her siblings saved as children. Surprisingly, when Tara confides her worries to her father, he is sympathetic and suggests that he will help her. Through a chance conversation with a classmate, Tara learns that she is expected to read the textbooks for her classes. Once she starts doing so, her grades improve dramatically.

Ironically, Tara reveals her newfound independence by helping the man who is abusing her. Despite everything Shawn has done to her, Tara is horrified when she realizes her brother has been seriously injured. Her initial impulse to phone their father shows that Tara is still partially an obedient daughter, but her next action shocks both her father and herself. Because Tara already has a plan in place for leaving home and entering the wider world, she is emboldened to defy her father for the first time. Tara also acts out of desperation: she has seen what happened to Shawn when he first suffered brain injuries, so it seems particularly important to secure medical treatment now. Her father's lack of reaction is partially an admission of defeat and acceptance: if Tara is willing to deliberately disobey his explicit instructions, Gene knows that he can never fully control her. Tara is already starting to make her own decisions and act according to her own values. Her education becomes possible when she decides she is going to live life on her own terms. 350c69d7ab


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