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Travelling in Taiwan by bus has never been easier! 加速產業轉型創新 連結產學與社會 賦能未來.逢甲大學產學營運與推廣處|何主亮處長 Popular routes of Taiwan buses We offer the most popular bus routes in Taiwan including Taipei to Taichung, Taipei to Kaohsiung,Taipei to Tainan,Taipei to Hualien, Taipei to Pingtung, Taipei to Changhua, Taipei to Chiayi, Taichung to Kaoshiung, Taichung to Tainan and Taipei to Nantou, etc.Popular terminals of Taiwan buses Our routes connect the busiest bus terminals in Taiwan, including Taipei Bus Station to TRA Hualien Station, Taipei Bus Station to TRA Taichung Station, Taipei Bus Station to TRA Kaohsiung Station, Taipei Bus Station to Zhonghua Station, Taipei Bus Station to Chaoma Station, Taipei Bus Station to Shuinan Station, TRA Taichung Station to Taipei Bus Station, TRA Taichung Station to TRA Kaohsiung Station, TRA Taichung Station to to Nanzi Station and TRA Kaohsiung Station to Taipei Bus Station, etc.Top operators of Taiwan buses We partner with the most trustworthy bus operators in Taiwan o offer you top-notch services.Taiwan bus timetables Please note that bus timetable could change due to COVID situation.Taiwan bus price Price of Taiwan bus tickets could vary by route and schedule.Explore more destinations Kaohsiung City to Taipei City Taipei City to Tainan City Tainan City to Taipei City Taichung City to Taipei City Taipei City to Pingtung County Chiayi City to Taipei City Taichung City to Kaohsiung City Taichung City to Tainan City Taipei City to Nantou County Taipei City to Miaoli Country Taichung City to Hsinchu Hsinchu to Taichung City Taichung City to Taoyuan City Tainan City to Chiayi City Chiayi City to Tainan City Taipei City to Hualien County Hualien County to Taipei City. Shared City Transfers Between Taipei and Yilan by Kamalan 4.Kenting Express Line Shared Round Trip Bus Transfers between Kenting and Kaohsiung Airport or Zuoying High Speed Rail Station 4.Shared City Transfer between Chiayi and Alishan 4.Shared Shuttle Bus between Taichung and Sun Moon Lake 4.Reviews 4.Good reviews.Online say only need 48 min but it took more than 2hours so maybe need to corrected it from online script , but it was smoothly the journey.Muy suave , very smoothly the journey , but again the wifi was dead again , siempre de Taichung a kaohsiung no tienes wifi , no tiene connection ,.Chia ling.HUANG YAO.Klook搭配武陵農場賞花好方便、 用積分購買後價格真的很划算, 而且新戶購買只要再輸入2N85A、 還可以再折扣元。.ching wei.現場沒開冷氣還滿悶的,而且電子票券使用者要最後上去,基本上使用Klook 還不錯,滿方便的,也比現場優惠。.PO HSUAN.經常網購,總有大量的包裹收,有很多的評語要寫! 但是,總是寫評語花掉了我大量的時間和精力! 所以在一段時間裡,我總是不去評價或者隨便寫寫! 但是,我又總是覺得好像有點對不住那些辛苦工作的賣家客服、倉管、老闆。 於是我寫下了一小段話,給我覺得能拿到我五星好評的賣家的寶貝評價裡面以示感謝和尊敬! 寶貝是性價比很高的,我每次都會先試用再評價的,雖然寶貝不一定是最好的,但在同等的價位裡面絕對是表現最棒的!.Read all reviews.Book Taiwan bus tickets online with Klook! 看見趨勢 等待時機少量多樣的長期供貨策略.華凌光電|廖育斌董事長 學術力大進擊!資訊素養研習課程坊 熱烈報名中! For King bus Wuling bus tickets: Please present your ticket collection information 10 digits of your phone number at the counter.Let them know that you booked your ticket from Klook to collect it.You can pick up your tickets 3 days in advance from Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport with your phone number before the boarding date because the station might be too crowded on the ticket collection date.How do I book bus tickets with Klook? Water activities.Cultural experiences.Travel passes.Train tickets.Japan trains.Japan rail passes.Europe rail passes.Private airport transfers.Car rentals.Car charters.Travel services.You can collect your tickets from a staff-operated ticket window at a bus station.To avoid missing your bus, it is recommended that you collect your tickets at least 20 minutes before departure.The earliest you can book is 15 days in advance, but this can vary by route and bus operator.The latest you can book is 20 minutes before departure.Simply enter your departure and arrival cities or stations, select a departure date and time, then hit the search button.We'll find all the available buses for you to choose from.Book bus tickets with Klook to secure seats in advance and skip the line at the station.We partner with bus operators to offer online booking for the most popular routes in Taiwan at 0 booking fee and conditional cancellation up to 20 minutes before departure.What's even better is you can earn Klook credits on each bus trip to spend on your next one! Popular routes Taipei Bus Station Chaoma Station 2h 0m.Taipei Bus Station TRA Taichung Station 2h 30m.Taipei Bus Station Toufen Station 1h 30m.Taipei Bus Station Chiayi City Transit Center 3h 30m.FAQs How do I collect my tickets at the bus station?


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