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Chronic Illness & Pain

Living with a chronic illness not only takes its toll on the physical body but on an individual’s emotional state as well.  Many individuals suffering from a chronic illness also suffer from depression and anxiety.  A chronic illness can impact how an individual views themselves and their relationships.  It also directly impacts how a family functions and can strain relationships within the family.  I feel that there is a needed link for patients living with a chronic illness to the mental health field.  I also feel that it is important to work with individuals as well as the entire family to help strengthen relationships and improve communication.  My goal is to help individuals, couples, children, and families to strengthen their relationships with themselves and each other.  

Areas within Chronic Illness & Pain:

Autoimmune diseases



Chronic Pain

Communicating effectively with doctors


Employment / Unemployment

I developed this planner to help with keeping track of daily symptoms, energy level, mood, habits, and pain.  It also includes mindfulness exercises, self-care ideas, gratitude and affirmations.
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