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Working with clients experiencing chronic pain/illness

LB-SB CAMFT 2/11/23

This presentation will expand your understanding of what constitutes chronic illness/pain while providing an overview of common situations and experiences that individuals living with chronic illness/pain experience on a regular basis. This presentation will also work to challenge your individual bias regarding chronic illness/pain and help you understand what your client may be experiencing including those resistant clients. Additionally, this training will explore the impact on the chronic illness/pain has on relationships and family dynamics. Furthermore, this workshop will focus on how chronic illness and pain have been impacted by COVID-19 and communities of color.

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The content that I will cover in this webinar include tools and interventions that I have gathered over my 15+ year career working with children and adolescents.  These are interventions and strategies that I teach to my supervisees who respond with how helpful these techniques are.  I decided to bring them to you, to help you build your therapist toolbox with interventions that children and teens actually respond to.

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