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Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning 2012 Hollywood Full Hindi Dubbed Movie

Hyams: Right. You know, and I think that that was, I think it’s interesting that you bring that up. you know, this movie doesn’t explain a lot of things but hopefully a lot of things are implicit like, you know, how do you kill a universal solider? Well, you’re going to find out when you see the movie. we’re not going to explain it but you will see them kill each other when you see the movie. So really, the big question is always, well, how much pain do they feel? Are they totally impervious to pain? And my feeling was, well, if you have a character who is 100% impervious to pain, that’s almost counterproductive to a dramatic event. You gotta feel something. We thought like, ‘If you’re drilling a hole in his head, does he feel that?’ And the answer is: well, yeah. If you’re drilling a hole in his head, it hurts a little bit. I mean, he doesn’t feel it like if you were drilling a hole in my head, but it doesn’t feel great. It’s probably like getting your tooth pulled without Novocain. So, obviously we had to decide, it take a lot more to hurt these guys than it does to hurt us. So in the process of breaking down these fights they’re obviously going to be doing a lot more. They’re going to be smashing each other with baseball bats and you know, 45 pound weights and they’re going to be stabbing a guy in the back and leaving it there so they can grab it later on in the fight. So it becomes this whole exercise in body destruction and body mutilation. And that’s kind of the direction you’re going to be going in if you’re dealing with essentially a superhero movie. Let’s say, this is a super hero fight where they bleed. You know, this is like if The Hulk and Superman were fighting each other but they were actually crushing each other’s jaws, you know? Their heads are splitting open. What would that look like?Â

Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning 2012 Hollywood Full Hindi Dubbed Movie




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