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The Fence By Jose Garcia Villa Whole Story Pdf


The Fence By Jose Garcia Villa Whole Story Pdf

The Fence by Jose Garcia Villa: A Story of Hatred and Forgiveness

The Fence by Jose Garcia Villa is a short story that explores the theme of hatred and forgiveness. The story revolves around two women, Aling Biang and Aling Sebia, who are neighbors and former friends. Their friendship is shattered when Aling Biang discovers that her husband has an affair with Aling Sebia, who becomes pregnant with his child. Aling Biang decides to build a bamboo fence between their houses, symbolizing the barrier of resentment and bitterness that separates them. The fence also affects their children, Iking and Rita, who are half-siblings but are forbidden to interact with each other.

The story shows how hatred can consume a person's life and prevent them from finding happiness and peace. Aling Biang becomes obsessed with maintaining the fence, even when it becomes old and moldy. She refuses to water her plants or tend to her garden, fearing that she might benefit Aling Sebia's side. She also neglects her son Iking, who grows up sickly and lonely. Aling Sebia, on the other hand, tries to reach out to Aling Biang several times, but is met with coldness and hostility. She feels guilty for her past mistake, but also hopes for reconciliation. She teaches her daughter Rita how to play the guitar, hoping that the music might soften Aling Biang's heart.

The story reaches its climax when Iking dies of fever. Aling Biang is overcome with grief and remorse, realizing that she has wasted her life on hatred. She finally tears down the fence and asks for forgiveness from Aling Sebia, who embraces her with compassion. The story ends with a note of hope, as Rita plays the guitar for the first time without interruption, completing the song that Iking never heard.

The Fence by Jose Garcia Villa is a powerful story that illustrates the destructive effects of hatred and the healing power of forgiveness. The story also highlights the importance of friendship, family, and love in overcoming the challenges of life. The story is a classic example of Philippine literature, showcasing the rich culture and values of the Filipino people.

The Fence by Jose Garcia Villa is not only a story of hatred and forgiveness, but also a story of contrast and irony. The story contrasts the two women's personalities and attitudes, as well as their children's fates. Aling Biang is proud and stubborn, while Aling Sebia is humble and repentant. Aling Biang's son Iking is weak and frail, while Aling Sebia's daughter Rita is strong and healthy. The story also uses irony to show the consequences of the women's actions. Aling Biang builds the fence to protect herself from Aling Sebia, but in doing so, she isolates herself from everyone else. Aling Sebia gives birth to a child out of wedlock, but she raises her with love and care. The fence that is supposed to separate them also connects them, as it is made of bamboo that grows from the same soil.

The Fence by Jose Garcia Villa is a story that appeals to the emotions and the intellect of the readers. The story evokes sympathy for the characters, especially for Iking and Rita, who are innocent victims of their parents' feud. The story also challenges the readers to reflect on their own relationships and conflicts, and to consider the value of forgiveness and reconciliation. The story invites the readers to question their own prejudices and judgments, and to empathize with others who have made mistakes. The story also encourages the readers to appreciate the beauty and simplicity of life, and to find joy in music, nature, and friendship.

The Fence by Jose Garcia Villa is a story that deserves to be read and remembered by generations of readers. The story is a timeless masterpiece that transcends its historical and cultural context, and speaks to the universal human condition. The story is a testament to the skill and talent of Jose Garcia Villa, who is widely regarded as one of the finest

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