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[S7E3] The Fisher King

[S7E3] The Fisher King ->>>

[S7E3] The Fisher King

(Season 6, Episode 18)Fans were treated to an emotional roller coaster in this intense Prentiss-centric episode, in which the character goes after Big Bad Ian Doyle (Timothy V. Murphy) solo. It all resulted in Doyle kidnapping Prentiss, swearing revenge and plunging a wooden stick into her abdomen before he escaped. Fearful he would actually exact revenge on her friends, Prentiss then faked her own death, and for a heartbreaking moment viewers believed the character really was dead thanks to a subsequent funeral. It was also the last anyone would see of her that season.

Howdy again. I was certain I had read the reviews of the last episodes on this show - but now they are not available for review. What happened? Thank you for making this show even more interesting to watch. It had gotten too gory for me, but reading your reviews made it possible for me to watch while usually reading along with your blog. Happy Thanksgiving!M.A. 781b155fdc


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