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Maplestory V62 Scripts

I was wondering how I can get AHK to detect when my character crosses an (x1, y1) position on the left side, or (x2, y2) on the right side, and if that happens to walk back to the center of the map. I don't know how to attach/hook AHK to maplestory. This version of maplestory does not have a gameguard, if that helps.

Maplestory V62 Scripts

Download Zip:

If Maplestory isn't actively blocking AutoHotkey scripts then the first step would be (as in any programming project) a step-by-stepoutline of what is required to get the job done. Once you have that you can work through the steps using the AutoHotkey help filesto select a command or commands that do each step in the sequence, testing as you go. After that it's just a matter of refiningyour script to make it more efficient. Performing code refactoring to extract common subroutines and functions and, just generallycleaning up the code. To check one or more locations on the screen for any movement or action you will need a routine that can read the x,y position of that location. MouseGetPos can do that. Then you will need to store that somewhere in a variable for any future access to thatscreen location. Using mouse positioning (MouseMove) and detection (MouseGetPos) along with If (If (expression)) comparisonsyou can pretty much keep your mouse within any given region on the screen if required. Looping functions like Loop, Whilecan let you loop through any desired sequence of code you wish to repeat. The key issue in all of this is a complete and precise outline of the steps needed to complete the job and adequate documentationthrough the use of commment statements ( ; and /*...*/) to help keep you on track and sane. For testing your code you want toconsider using ListVars, Pause, MsgBox, ListHotkeys, ListLines, Reload, KeyHistory and Tooltip as debugging aids. For real-timedebugging consider downloading DebugView from the Microsoft website here and sprinkling OutputDebug commands liberally

Now here comes the logistics. Is it easier to check position in maplestory or color? I'm reasoning it out that when you move your character, after a certain time in the "static background" as you keep moving the entire screen and hence the background will move with you. Will this shift my locs? 350c69d7ab


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