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Kelly played Laurie until the middle of the third season, when the character went off to beauty school. She returned for a bit on season five, but was replaced in season six with Christina Moore. Kelly admitted that she was dealing with a drinking problem on the show after suffering a miscarriage.

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Donna's dimwitted but very kind mother Midge left her family and moved to California to pursue a Broadway career when Tanya Roberts left the show in 2001 because her husband fell ill. Roberts acted in a couple of TV shows after that, but didn't do more than talk shows and interviews since 2005.

Grace wed actress Ashley Hinshaw in 2016. They welcomed their daughter, Mabel, in 2017, and their second child arrived in 2020. In September 2022, the Home Economics star announced during an episode of The Kelly Clarkson show that he and the True Blood alum were expecting baby No. 3.

"That '70s Show" spin-off, "That '90s Show," is set to bring back almost all of its original cast (via Deadline), and has revealed an exclusive first-look image on Twitter. "That '70s Show" had a run of eight seasons, from 1998 to 2006, and every cast member, except Danny Masterson, who played Eric Forman's (Topher Grace) best friend, is set to return to the spin-off show, which will premiere on Netflix.

While "That '70s Show" focused on Eric and his friends, the spin-off will zero in on Leia Forman, Eric and Donna's (Laura Prepon) daughter, who will be spending the summer of 1995 with her grandparents, Red and Kitty in Point Place (where the events of the original show took place). Roughly 15 years have passed between the events of "That '70s Show" and the that of the spin-off, and the narrative will follow Leia's adventures with her teenage friends.

The show also started the careers of so many of its stars including Grace, Kunis, and Kutcher. Grace has since starred in more than a few popular films like Spider-Man 3, BlacKkKlansman, and Predators, and he currently has a hit new sitcom Home Economics on ABC. Kunis on the other hand has starred in Family Guy, Black Swan, Ted, and Bad Moms while Kutcher has been in films like No Strings Attached and Jobs. It is going to be fun to see these five actors return to the roles that made most of their careers and reunite after so many years away. The original series may have ended in 2006, but it has lived on through reruns thanks to the wonderful chemistry of its great cast and the hilarious writing.

That '70s Show appeals to parents and teens for different reasons. For older audiences, it's nostalgia for simpler times that prompts an affinity for the show -- there's something comforting about kids congregating in the basement, content to just to "hang out." Kids, meanwhile, tune in for the attractive cast and relevant situations -- although they might find the '70s political references confusing and the fashions hilarious, they'll identify with the characters' struggles with dating and surviving high school, which are universal teen concerns.

What makes this series so successful is its cast, all of whom seem comfortable with their stereotyped roles. The actors benefit from the show's strong writing, which is sometimes subtly political, but more often light in content. The end result is an enjoyable trip back in time. Although the series has lots of sexual innuendo, it's done in a way that doesn't so much offend as allude to the free-love period of the 1970s. Whether or not this is appropriate viewing for teenagers is for parents to decide -- it might be a good idea to watch a few episodes first.

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There was a lot going on in the '70s. And that's just scratching the surface. To better understand one of the nation's most formative decades, Stacker has compiled a collection of 70 images that show how the '70s changed the world. From politics to technological developments, pop culture, and major figures of the decade, these images tell quite a story.

"MASH," a series that followed the staff of an Army hospital during the Korean War, hit the airwaves in 1972. Hugely popular, the dramedy was nominated for more than 100 Emmy Awards over the course of its 11-season run, and its finale remains the most-watched finale of any TV show.

In the 1970s, pioneering TV journalist Barbara Walters became the first woman to be named an official co-host of the "Today" show and the first woman to co-anchor an evening news program. Here, she announces to viewers that she'll be leaving NBC for ABC, where she'd be hosting the evening news alongside Harry Reasoner, earning $5 million over five years.

That '90s Show, the spinoff of the coming-of-age comedy That '70s Show, just dropped its first teaser trailer. Netflix announced the new series back in October with just a few hints at the cast. Since then, fans of That '70s Show have wondered if they'll see Eric and Donna again. And now, along with a sneak peek at the new show, Netflix has told us that they've reunited nearly all of the old cast to appear in That '90s Show. Netflix announced all the new faces they're using to make their new series as well. Nostalgia for '90s classic show revivals are at an all-time high, and fans hope the new series will give them a familiar vibe and feel like the original.

From the looks of the trailer, it seems like Netflix is giving nostalgic fans everything they want from a revival series. Kitty and Red still live in the same house in Point Place, Wisconsin. The kids are still smoking weed in the basement. And Red is still threatening to put his foot in everyone's... well, you get it. The trailer for That '90s Show looks so much like That '70s Show that you might mistake it for a mid-series reboot with new actors. Now that Netflix has told us about the cast, the plot, and finally a release date for That '90s Show, we are excited about this show to premiere.

So it looks like Leia (Callie Haverda) will stay a season at her grandparents' place in Wisconsin. While there, she'll run into a few new faces and probably a few old ones too. The trailer showed us that many things will probably go the same way they always have. Red and Kitty will be the humorous opposites in Leia's life, one disciplining, one validating. The kids are still coming over to the same house in Point Place and hanging out in the basement. The trailer even had that classic shot of everyone sitting in a circle, taking their turn to giggle about being high. We even got a famous threat from Red warning Leia that if any of her friends go in his room, they're getting a foot in their a**.

If you're a longtime fan of the franchise, then you'll be happy to hear that Red and Kitty will be in the show, with Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp reprising their roles. But this time, they'll appear as the grandparents of Leia Forman, played by Callie Haverda. That's right, Leia is Eric and Donna's daughter. That was the biggest news when the first announcement for the show dropped. Now Netflix has announced the full cast for That '90s Show.

Nearly all of the old cast from That '70s Show will be back as well, plus one big surprise. Topher Grace (Eric), Laura Prepon (Donna), Mila Kunis (Jackie), Wilmer Valderrama (Fez), and Ashton Kutcher (Kelso) are all coming back to reform the old gang 20 years in the theoretical future. Unfortunately, Danny Masterson (Hyde) won't be joining them as he is involved in a sexual assault lawsuit. But in better news, the producers for That '90s Show somehow managed to resurrect Tommy Chong for the series. Chong famously played Hyde's weed dealer. His character started as a reincarnation of his stoner comedian character from the '60s but developed as the show went on.

"Many question why I'm not working in television anymore. I quit for personal reasons" Kelly admitted. "Im getting back to my acting career now and hope to be working again soon. I look fine, Im sober [sic] and married. Im not selling out to do lame projects or appear on gossip shows or anything of that nature." 041b061a72


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