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Windows 98 SE Installation CD Full Version WORK

Copies of Windows 98 SE are often available from eBay and elsewhere. Make sure to buy the Full Version, not the update or upgrade CD; you can find copies of thefull version of Windows 98 SE on eBay by clicking this link, but read the descriptions very carefully before bidding. Carefully follow the instructions elsewhere on this page when installing Windows 98 on a new computer.

Windows 98 SE installation CD full version

Memory: The most memory that you can afford, up to 512 MB, but not more than 512 MB, unless you intend to create a dual-boot system that also runs Windows XP. Under Windows 98 SE, many Windows and DOS applications misbehave if more than 512 MB of physical memory is available and if you have not taken special steps to prevent such problems. The instructions elsewhere on this page will prevent all such problems with memory under Windows 98 SE. Use them carefully if you build a machine with more than 512 MB of RAM. Note that it is probably impossible to run Windows 98 SE on a computer that has more than 1 GB of RAM.

Special instructions for computers with more than 512MB of RAM but no more than 1 GB of RAM: When the setup program offers to create an emergency diskette, say No, because you already have an emergency diskette, which should still be in your floppy drive. Leave the diskette in the drive; when Windows 98 first reboots during the installation, let your system boot from the emergency diskette, not from the hard disk; you need not select CD-ROM support when the diskette boots, although no harm will result if you do select CD-ROM support.

Save the System.ini file when you finish editing it; remove the emergency diskette, and reboot your system. Let the Windows 98 SE installation proceed normally. When the system is ready to reboot at the end of the installation, reinsert the emergency diskette, and let the system boot once again from the diskette. Once again, use (or your other editor) to edit System.ini; Windows may have changed or removed the lines that you added earlier; if so, edit the file once again to insert or restore the lines that you added earlier.This is very important. When you finish editing the file, remove the emergency diskette, reboot your computer, and let Windows start up normally. End of special instructions for computers with more than 512MB of RAM.

Go the Windows Control Panel, choose System, and go to the Device Manager tab. Click the plus sign next to CDROM, select your drive and choose Properties; go the Settings tab and add a checkmark next to "DMA." Ignore the warning message, and click OK. Now, in the same way, click the plus sign next to Disk drives, select your hard disk drive (probably listed as something like "Generic IDE Disk Type 47"), choose Properties, go to the Settings tab and add a checkmark next to "DMA." Reboot your computer when done. Note: These settings may be cleared if you ever boot in Windows' Safe Mode or for other unpredictable reasons; you may want to recheck these settings after you complete your installation, and again every week or so thereafter.

Because this version will only upgrade over Windows 98, installations from MS-DOS have been disabled. This means you must be able to boot your current version of Windows 98 and run Setup from there.Cannot reinstall entire OS from the Updates CDIf you want to do a clean installation to a new directory or new drive letter, you must first install the original Windows 98 released version, and then apply the Updates CD. You can not reinstall the entire Windows 98 Second Edition directly from the Updates CD. You should always keep your original Windows 98 CD-ROM (or floppy disks) in case you must reinstall.* The Updates CD is the $19.95 (+S&H) CD you can order from Microsoft to Update your existing version of Windows 98 to Windows 98 Second Edition.Disable all anti-virus programs running on your system. If these utilities are running during Setup, your system may stopresponding.Note: Some systems have anti-virus capabilities built in. If this option is left enabled in BIOS/CMOS settings, you may receive a warning about virus-like activity or Master Boot Record changes. You must allow these changes to take place for Setup to complete successfully. See your anti-virus software documentation for more information.Run ScanDisk to check and fix any problems with your hard disk(s).Close all running programs. This includes disabling any screen savers, advanced power management settings, scheduled tasks, and any other programs that may cause Setup to stop responding.Windows 98 Second Edition Update doesn't update Internet Explorer 5If you are running Internet Explorer 5 before upgrading to Windows 98 Second Edition, uninstall Internet Explorer 5 before you upgrade to Windows 98 SE.To be sure, follow these steps to ensure that Windows 98 SE installation does update Internet Explorer to the latest version (this should not be necessary when uninstalling Internet Explorer 5, but checking doesn't hurt):

Rename the Iemigrat.dll file in the \Windows\System folder to Iemigrat.oldStart the Registry EditorGo to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Setup \ Migration \ 100Delete the IE System Migration valueIf you already upgraded to Windows 98 SE, and don't have the latest version of Internet Explorer, follow the steps above, and add a step 5, namely reinstall Windows 98 SE.The version of Internet Explorer 5 shipping with Windows 98 SE is 5.0.2614.3500.Performing a clean bootThird-party device drivers, utilities, or other programs can prevent a successful installation. Clean-booting your systemcan fix many of these problems. Windows 98 provides a tool for automating many of the steps required to clean-boot a system.

When Windows 98 reboots, you should be in a clean environment to run Setup.UninstallWe recommend creating uninstall information before upgrading. To do this, select the Save Your System Files option during Setup. This will allow you to uninstall Windows 98 Second Edition if you have problems. The uninstall information can require up to 110MB or more depending upon your system configuration. However, you cannot do this if your current Windows 98 installation is on a compressed drive.If Setup fails and you cannot boot into Windows 98Reinstall your original version of Windows 98 over itself. This may allow you to try the Update CD again. We recommendperforming a clean boot before running Setup again. This may resolve the problem that caused Setup to fail the first time.Uninstall Windows 98 Second Edition from MS-DOS. If you saved your system files during the initial Setup wizard, you canuninstall the failed Setup back to your original Windows 98 system. To uninstall Windows 98 Second Edition from MS-DOS, follow these steps:

Some parts of the installation can take a considerable amount of time.You may be able to speed this up considerably (depending on the host CPU) by using the DOSBox-X Turbo mode, which can be enabled from the drop-down menu bar by selecting "CPU" followed by "Turbo (Fast Forward)".This turbo mode is not like the old Turbo button on retro PCs, but functions more like a fast-forward, and therefore should not be used when interacting with the guest OS.Starting with DOSBox-X 0.83.21 the turbo mode is automatically disabled the moment a key is pressed, to prevent spurious keypresses to be registered causing undesirable effects.

While not strictly necessary, as it is possible to run SETUP.EXE directly from the CD-ROM (if you have the CD-ROM automatically mounted in your [autoexec] section of the config file).It is recommended to copy the installation files (contents of the WIN98 directory on the CD-ROM) to your HDD image, as it will prevent Windows 98 from asking for the CD-ROM when it needs additional files later.

Now run through the installation process.The actual steps will not be covered in this guide but are pretty self-explanatory and detailed guides on the Windows 98 install process can be found online such as YouTube.

Save the config file, and at the command-prompt of your host PC you can type the below command to continue with the next phase of the installation process.This is also the command you use, after the installation is finished, to start Windows 98 in DOSBox-X.

If Windows 98 did not detect the adapter during installation, or you enabled NE2000 emulation after you did the installation.Go to "Start", "Settings" and "Control Panel" and double-click on "Add New Hardware", and let the wizard detect hardware.It should find the emulated Novell NE2000 adapter and install the drivers.

The default video adapter that DOSBox-X emulates is the S3 Trio64, which is the best emulated video adapter that DOSBox-X offers, with the widest range of resolutions and colour depths.In addition, this video adapter is supported out-of-the-box in Windows 98, simplifying the installation process.

Windows 98 was a GUI based operating system that was released by Microsoft in 1998. It was released as a part of the 9x series of the windows operating system which included its predecessor, Windows 95. Windows 98 was released in both 32 and 16-bit versions just like the older windows 95 and it was based on the Disk Operating System (DOS) which was a Command-Line operating system developed by Microsoft. Windows 98 was released on the 15th of May in the year 1998 and was put on sale worldwide on the 25th of June in the same year.

Alternatively, you can also install the Windows 98 ISO on a Virtual Machine using Virtualbox or similar software. Just make sure that your computer supports virtualization and boot up the virtual machine with the Windows 98 ISO as the virtual disk and follow the installation instructions to install Windows 98 ISO on a virtual machine.

Disable Auto-Starting Programs such as Anti-virus programs Disable any programs that run automatically, including anti-virus programs, screen savers, or system utilities. One place to look for such programs is in the Start>Programs>Startup group. These programs can be re-enabled once Windows 98 installation is complete. 350c69d7ab


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