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Jesse Whiteman
Jesse Whiteman

Frank Turner Tape Deck Heart Deluxe Edition 2013

from the raucous party belter 'recovery' to the tender 'the way i tend to be' & visionary 'the fisher king blues', frank proves no matter what the subject matter he can create songs of immediate, uncompromising mass appeal & startling honesty. "'tape deck heart' unfolds as an album of emotional revelation, full of elegantly melodic, perfectly formed, lyrically astute songs" 4/5 - telegraph "while this is a more philosophical, even tender turner than we're used to, everything is crafted with his usual love & care, & delivered with fire & conviction" 4/5 - guardian "...on tape deck heart, we see a frank turner of extremes, he is at his most resilient, most opinionated & most human" - pitchfork.

frank turner tape deck heart deluxe edition 2013



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