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Brahmam Gari Kalagnanam: A Book of Prophecies from South India

Brahmam Gari Kalagnanam is a Telugu language book that contains the predictions of past, present and future events by various saints and sages from South India. The word Kalagnanam means "knowledge of time" and the book is also known as the Govinda Vakyas and Jeevaikya Bodha. The book is believed to have been written around the 16th century and has many authors, who prophesied the future of their times. Some of the most famous among them are Sri Yogi Nareyana (Kaiwara Thatha), Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy, Sri Eswaraiah and Sri Taraka Rama Rao.


Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy

Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy, popularly known as Brahmam Garu, was an Indian Hindu saint who lived in Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh. He is most notable for his work Kalagnanam, which is a part of the Brahmam Gari Kalagnanam book. He predicted many incidents that are proved to be correct by the posterity, such as the arrival of British rule in India, the French Revolution, the World Wars, the Indian Independence Movement, the birth of Gandhi, the assassination of Indira Gandhi, the rise of terrorism, the end of Kali Yuga and the advent of Kalki Avatar. He also foretold about natural calamities, social unrest, religious conflicts, political upheavals and spiritual transformations that would occur in the future.

Sri Veera Brahmendra Swamy was born to a religious couple, Paripurnayacharya and Prakruthamba, near the river Sarasvati in the village of Brahmandapuram. The couple abandoned him at birth and he was brought up at Atri Mahamuni Ashram near Kashi (present-day Varanasi). Later, he was adopted by Veerabhojayacharya, the head of the Papagni Mutt in Chikballapur, Karnataka. He authored the Kalikamba Sapthashathi (a manuscript written in praise of goddess Kali) at the age of 11. He renounced his worldly life and started his spiritual journey at a young age. His first disciple was Dudekula Siddaiah and his second disciple was Kakaiah Madiga. He attained Jiva Samadhi at Brahmam Gari Matam in Kadapa district on Kartika Shudda Dwadasi.

How to Read Brahmam Gari Kalagnanam

Brahmam Gari Kalagnanam is a book that can be read by anyone who is interested in knowing about the past, present and future events. However, it is not a book that can be understood easily by everyone. The book contains many cryptic verses, metaphors, symbols and allegories that require deep insight and intuition to interpret. The book also contains many contradictions and variations among different versions and authors. Therefore, one should not read the book literally or dogmatically, but rather with an open mind and a discerning spirit.

One can find many online sources that offer Brahmam Gari Kalagnanam pdf files for free download. However, one should be careful about the authenticity and accuracy of these sources. Some of them may contain errors, omissions or distortions that may mislead or confuse the readers. One should also be aware that some of these sources may have ulterior motives or agendas to propagate certain ideologies or beliefs that may not be in accordance with the original intent or spirit of the book.

One of the best ways to read Brahmam Gari Kalagnanam is to consult a reliable and reputable source that has been verified by experts and scholars. One such source is [Kalagnanam Book Telugu Total], which is available on [Internet Archive] for free download. This source contains the complete collection of prophecies from various authors in Telugu language. It also provides an introduction and a summary of each author's predictions. This source is based on the original manuscripts preserved at various mutts and temples in South India.


Brahmam Gari Kalagnanam is a fascinating and intriguing book that reveals the secrets of time and destiny. It is a book that can inspire, enlighten and awaken the readers to the higher truths and realities of life. It is also a book that can challenge, warn and prepare the readers for the impending changes and events that will shape the future of humanity and the world. It is a book that can be a source of guidance, hope and faith for those who seek the divine will and purpose in their lives.


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