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[S1E13] You Know My Steez ^HOT^

Luke Cage is by far the most balanced and well executed of the Marvel/Netflix series to date. As much as I enjoyed the faithful recreation of Matt Murdock and the unique themes of Jessica Jones, Luke Cage delivers on all fronts. It works to present a superhero that many audiences may not be knowledgeable of and injects him into a contemporary setting reeling from the real life politics of race in America. Luke Cage faces these issues head on and makes this bulletproof black man a symbol for an entire cultural group that has otherwise been without a relatable hero. But, the series manages to present this in a way that is inviting for viewers of any race or creed and that is proof enough that Luke Cage is worthwhile viewing. Plus, I am astounded that we got a superhero property from Marvel that didn't kill of the villain or end things on a happy note. That in and of itself is worthy of a stellar review.

[S1E13] You Know My Steez

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier is a grounded and gritty glimpse into Sam Wilson's journey to becoming Captain America. The series' final twist left a lot to be desired, however, as the finale revealed that the disillusioned S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Sharon Carter was really the mysterious underworld boss known as "The Power Broker."

We wanted to have an opportunity to be able to let the audience know that this person knows this person, and that means they know that person. I think if you play the game out, you can sort of see ... how important that character's going to be. 041b061a72


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