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[S7E4] Child's Play

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The classroom scenes with the kids were the true joy of the hour as Castle happily set out to immerse himself in their world. Whether it was playing Army men in the grass or donning fairy wings and a tiara for a tea party, no one could say that Castle didn't give it his all and it looked as though he enjoyed every minute of the adventure.

It was easy to imagine Castle playing similar games with Alexis when she was that age, he was such a natural at it. It wouldn't surprise me at all if this was not his first time wearing a pair of fairy wings and adding pixie dust to his magical tea.

Kudos to guest star Michael Hyatt who played Mrs. Leslie Ruiz. I thought she did a wonderful job of playing the protective teacher who was unsure of this stranger coming into her classroom to get close to her kids. Of course Castle eventually won her over, but it wasn't quick, nor should it have been.

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Mass destruction. Not only are the Dothraki a force on horseback, but the true might of a grown dragon is displayed as Drogon obliterates anything he wants. Jaime collects a group of archers to fire on the beast, but they bounce right off.

Not much else happens in the workroom, with little drama over role-picking. Yvie immediate snatches the Big Bad Wolf, and she and Jinkx agree it will be funnier to play him as a lecherous old cad with a squeaky gangster voice than as a repeat of The Boogieman. Jinkx rapidly cycles through at least four different character concepts for her youngest piglet, each one with major joke potential.

Meanwhile, on the other team everyone goes for the most obvious role (Raja is old, Trinity is a cackling witch). Viv immediately zeroes in on the comedy potential of playing her compulsive liar Goldilocks as visually adorable but with an incongruously deep voice.

Viv wins the week and gets to wield the platinum plunger. In a shocker, she veers towards Jaida but at the last second turns to hand the plunger to Monét! While other queens have taken it with good humor, Monét is pressed about this development. It will be interesting to see how next week plays out now that she is no longer flying under the radar. 781b155fdc


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