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Randy Elliott
Randy Elliott

Ivana Sugar

In a distinct, bottom-up synthetic methodology, monosaccharides (fructose and glucose) and disaccharides (sucrose) have been used as mesoporogens to template hierarchical SAPO-34 catalysts. Detailed materials characterization, which includes solid-state magic angle spinning NMR and probe-based FTIR, reveals that, although the mesopore dimensions are modified by the identity of the sugar template, the desirable acid characteristics of the microporous framework are retained. When the activity of the hierarchical SAPO-34 catalysts was evaluated in the industrially relevant Beckmann rearrangement, under liquid-phase conditions, the enhanced mass-transport properties of sucrose-templated hierarchical SAPO-34 were found to deliver a superior yield of ϵ-caprolactam.

ivana sugar

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