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Avirex Jackets

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Cover up in style this season with our Avirex USA leather jackets for men. Made from the highest quality leather, our leather jackets and coats range includes iconic aviator, varsity, shearling and classic vintage styles in bold colourways.

Avirex jackets are recognisable at first glance. They are based on the most famous cuts sported by military personnel - bomber jackets, flying jackets, shirt jackets, etc. By adding its famous two-wing logo, Avirex brands each garment with its hallmark. Certain of the jackets and blousons are understated, coming in emblematic colours - beige, navy blue, khaki. But certain others are decorated with prints which will never go out of fashion, like camouflage. With pieces made in leather or nylon, the quality of Avirex outerwear cannot be called into question.

Men who are drawn by jackets and blousons with a vintage feel simply adore Avirex. Wearers of the brand are united by a common theme, as if they belonged to one big family. One of the label's most iconic pieces, the leather flying jacket with a fur lining is very highly-coveted. Its vintage colour and slightly worn look make this jacket an invaluable and truly timeless item of clothing.

6. What happened to all the colorful varsity jackets you used to make as Avirex? We no longer produce the varsity line of jackets in the way that we did, but we do offer varsity styles on our site and continue to release newCockpit USA varsity jackets.

7. What should I put on my Cockpit USA jacket to keep it new? Nothing is really needed but for our Leather jackets you may try a little Mink Oil, LEATHER MILK, Lexol or any natural product on an inside panel or under a pocket flap to see if you like what it does to the leather. The oil will darken the leather somewhat, so be careful not to use too much. We like to use Grandad's Leather Treatment or LEATHER MILK sold on our website.

8. How should I clean my jacket? Usually there is no need to clean a leather jacket but if you must, we recommend sending it to professional leather cleaner or furrier. A spot on a lining or sheepskin can be cleaned with a little Woolite applied with a damp sponge and allowed to air dry. It should be noted that the special finishes on many of the jackets may totally disappear if you dry clean it by regular methods. 9. Are Cockpit USA jackets made with full grain leather?

11. What repair or replacement services do you offer? We can replace the lining, the knit cuffs and waistband, the zipper and even the collar of most vintage Avirex and all Cockpit USA jackets, as long as the leather is not too far distressed. Please call our customer service line at 1-212-575-1616 ext 33 for prices and time estimates. For more information visit our Jacket Repairs page.

12. I am interested in one of your jackets, and am curious about the leather. Can you send me a swatch? If you have a particular jacket or two that you are interested in, we can send you a swatch of the leather used on the jacket so you can inspect and compare it. Please send an email to or call 212.575.1616 to request a leather swatch.

13 Do you accept any old jackets for trade in or credit? Yes, you can send in any leather or sheepskin jacket in wearable condition and receive a credit for $100 to be used towards the purchase of a regular priced leather or sheepskin jacket. Please send your order in with the jacket you are trading in. We donate these jackets to charity and will not be able to return the old jacket after you have sent it in. Last year we sent over 200 jackets to the New York City Coat Drive.

15. Are your jackets made in the USA or in China? 90% of our leather, cotton, nylon, bomber, and sheepskin jackets are made here in the USA. We endeavor to be very clear in the item descriptions regarding which items are imported and which are manufactured in the USA.

25. I saw your jackets on a different website and noticed a difference in price. Why is this? The prices on other websites


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