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Godman Additional Mathematics For West Africa Pdf


Godman Additional Mathematics For West Africa Pdf

the bulk of the study is about the initial search for articles that were included in the first phase of study selection. this should be broken down a little further, perhaps referring to a table or panel of the selection process to support the sequence of events in the study. the panel could include the initial screeners, data extraction, quality assessment, and synthesis of included and excluded studies.

we had a similar process in the decision to include or exclude studies. as this is a systematic review, we had very specific inclusion criteria. this is a great opportunity for the authors to explain why their study was included or excluded, and/or the reasons for choosing that particular design.

the systematic review included both prospective observational studies and meta-analysis. study outcome selection would be a good place to begin this discussion. we included two components of the outcome: antibiotic use (antimicrobial use), and antibiotic-related adverse effects (adrs). these are not always clearly defined, and the authors of this review did a very nice job by providing definitions. the authors provided a table with definitions for the primary and secondary outcomes. using this, we could better determine that the authors were selecting appropriate outcomes to be represented and did not select inappropriate outcomes.

it would be nice if the authors illustrated a priori parameters for final selection of outcomes included in the review. how were the outcomes selected what was the rationale for including adrs and antibiotic use, but not adrs not antibiotic use for example, the authors discussed adrs in a separate section, but not antibiotic use. why 3d9ccd7d82


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