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The Lair (2022)

Sinclair eventually escapes and joins forces with a square of outcast American troops. From there, The Lair essentially becomes Dog Soldiers in a desert. The troops struggle to make it through the night as they are constantly swarmed by monsters from all directions. Some viewers will no doubt be thrilled to see Marshall effectively recreating his earlier classic with a significantly larger budget, while others will find it all a little too familiar.

The Lair (2022)

In terms of performances, Kirk was generally fine as Sinclair. While the way in which she heavily enunciated her lines in order to get her points across did seem forced at times, Sinclair was still believably a hardened soldier with a grudge against the monsters who literally tried to eat her for dinner. However, Leon Ockenden also appears as Jones, a Welsh soldier who speaks with what could be one of the worst attempts at a Welsh accent you are ever likely to hear. Even several Welsh people at FrightFest complained about the accent after the screening, so we can only hope that Marshall hires an actual Welsh actor next time. Jonathan Howard was more convincing as Hook, the embittered leader of the platoon who strives to do whatever it takes to bring his soldiers home.

Neill Marshall's splatter horror B-movie:'Choose your own army accent and commit to sounding like a smarmy officious douche until your character gets torn apart by walking tumours or shot to shit by Afghans', plays out as predictably as one would expect. Dashes of extra gory props and peek-a-boo monster surprise attacks kind of keep things interesting, but the real VIP lies in the super exaggerated accents; they're just SO over the top, that you gotta wonder who approved that shiz. If you're a Neill Marshall fan; you're gonna check this out anyway, but for everyone else; you ain't missing much if you never step into this lair.

Kirk plays Captain Kate Sinclair, a pilot, who is on a mission in Afghanistan when she and her co-pilot are shot down by members of the Taliban. They kill her co-pilot, but she is able to fend them off and escape into an abandoned Soviet bunker.

The story focuses on Captain Kate Sinclair (Charlotte Kirk), a pilot who is shot down during her final combat mission in Afghanistan. She is ambushed by insurgents but manages to fend them off long enough to take shelter in a large underground bunker. The insurgents pursue Sinclair down under ground, but they find more than the lone RAF pilot there. They find a number of creatures in stasis, and one is accidentally released when its tube is destroyed during gunfire. The creature - which resembles Venom, complete with elongated tongue, sharp teeth and superior speed and agility - awakes and quickly makes short and bloody work of the insurgents, whilst Sinclair manages to escape.

The Lair follows Air Force pilot Lieutenant Kate Sinclair (Kirk), who is shot down over the desert in Afghanistan after a dogfight. Seeking cover from attacking gunmen, Sinclair finds herself in a secret military bunker, doubling as a scientific research facility that houses experimental monsters.

After escaping the facility, she comes across a small until of rag-tag American soldiers led by Major Finch (Bamber). Sinclair tries to warn the group and they must defend their base from both a plethora of vicious monsters and the attacking gunmen. 041b061a72


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