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How to Install mfg_ctvm_8_3_102_0.iso on EVE-NG - Step by Step Tutorial

So I downloaded the ISO for Cisco vWLC 8.2.130 as it appears to be a stable release and cisco still recommends 8.0 so 8.2 is like rocket science in comparison. mounted that sucker in my XenServer in a new VM and installed which worked great actually. just wont boot without 2 interfaces (int 1 is management, int 2 being service and any extra being for ports or in the case of XenServer extra VLAN's on their own ports as it cant do tagged vlan's)

mfg_ctvm_8_3_102_0.iso free download

Download File:

The 3502's are much better thanks to being fully supported in 8.1 up (1142's are on a feature freeze whatever that means) but they cost considerably more, 50+ usually and much harder to come across but the Cleanair technology is awesome if you have a ton of neighbors all with crappy TP-link routers or just a ton of people with wireless security cameras which use the 2.4ghz band for analogue video (bit rude if you ask me) it will magically fix it self instead of slowing down to a crawl like the 1142's would if something started hammering the channel its on.

once the AP is powered and if it can find the WLC either through DNS or DHCP it will automatically join it. download the firmware for that controller and then download a config. at this point you can go to the vWLC and find the new AP under the wireless tab

I've never heard of this but find it very interesting as I have a pair of WLCs getting long in the tooth. I did a few quick searches on Google and it sounded like a license is needed. In what situations can it be used for free?

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